About MILEX Professional Irrigation Systems

MILEX is a company specializing in automatic irrigation systems for green areas and various agricultural applications. Since 1983, we have been engaged in the production of irrigation system components. Our continuous pursuit of quality improvement, modern machinery, carefully selected raw materials, and the incorporation of the latest technologies, have earned our products the trust of customers for many years. We have the pleasure of representing global leaders in irrigation system component production, namely Hunter Industries (since 2009) and Rivulis (formerly John Deere Water). Additionally, as the exclusive distributor for Poland, we work with companies such as Tefen and Nelson Irrigation Corporation. Furthermore, our range of irrigation systems is complemented by direct imports of products from companies like Elysee, Dosatron International, Galcon, Automat, Irritec, and many others. Our direct collaboration with global irrigation system manufacturers enables us to offer competitive prices.

Opening a second retail point in Radzików Nowy.


In parallel to the activities of the company MILEX Józef Milewski, Milex Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. is being established.


Initiating collaboration with Senmatic, a provider of advanced greenhouse technology.


Commencing cooperation with Elysee, a high-quality connector manufacturer with a 40-year history.


Initiating the production of a product line under the RIVULIS brand. We had been considering drip irrigation line production for several years, but we only made the final decision when we could offer our customers the very best product quality, made possible with the right machinery and an in-house laboratory continuously assessing the product quality.


Construction of a new high-storage warehouse with an area of 1000 square metres, increasing the turnover of goods and creating opportunities for expanding our product offerings.

John Deere Water

Signing an agreement with John Deere Water (currently owned by Rivulis), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of irrigation systems.

Silosy Milex

Construction of a new production hall and the relocation of production from Troszyn to Dobrzyków. This is a significant milestone for the company, as the modern production facility opens up new opportunities for us.

Hunter Irrigations

Commencement of collaboration with Hunter Industries.


The purchase and adaptation of the former State Agricultural Farm (PGR) buildings at 3 Obrońców Dobrzykowa Street for the company’s needs, including office and warehouses, at the current company headquarters.


Commencing collaboration with Nelson Irrigation Corporation and expanding our product offerings for the agricultural market.


Initiating cooperation with Signature (formerly Nelson Turf) and introducing green irrigation products to our offerings.


Initiating cooperation with the Galcon company.


Purchase and adaptation of buildings in the town of Troszyn Nowy for the production of PE pipes. The production has been relocated from Dobrzyków to Troszyn due to the expansion of the machine park.


Commencing collaboration with the Greek company EURODRIP (currently owned by RIVULIS) for the distribution of drip irrigation systems on the Polish market.


Initiating cooperation with T-Systems Europe and introducing the legendary T-TAPE into our product lineup, which remains available for sale to this day.


Commencing cooperation with Dosatron, our first international supplier. This decision opens up opportunities for us to seek products for distribution. We are focused on establishing direct partnerships with manufacturers.


The company was founded by Krystyna Milewska, the wife of the owner. This was due to the formal requirements of that time – a company that used polyethylene in the production process could only be established by a person with a chemical education. This is how the first position for the production of PE pipes was created.

Pierwsza siedziba MILEX

A building is being constructed where we started our business. This place has a unique history. During World War II, in this building, one of the few brick houses in the area, there operated a German hospital and school.