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House gardens - A beautiful garden is a showcase of home. It is a place where we relax after the hardships of everyday life. We are happy to welcome guests there and share its beauty with them. The solutions proposed by our company allow you to fully enjoy the wonderful garden. In the care of the garden, proper irrigation of plants plays a particularly important role. An automatic sprinkler system, remotely controlled taking into account weather forecasts and current weather conditions, is a combination of modernity with a reduction in water costs by up to 50%. The system is coordinated by a controller with a rainfall, sun and humidity sensor. Before installing an irrigation system, consider the needs of the garden and choose the installation that will optimally serve the plants. Drip lines will allow take care of good condition of the planting. Even lawn watering or precise spraying of flower beds is done automatically when it is needed. The automatic irrigation system practically requires no operating, because after proper programming of the controller, the system ensures proper maintenance of soil moisture. An efficient and economical automatic irrigation system is the best you can do for your garden.

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Cables in PVC insulation and sheath are designed to connect controllers with solenoid valves in irrigation systems. They can be carried out directly in the ground, in cable channels, in moist areas and even in water. They are characterized by the fact that each vein is in a different color, which greatly simplifies connection and reduces the possibility of making a mistake.

Standard surveys of electrical and mechanical parameters consist in carrying out tests of electrical insulation strength, wires resistance and insulation resistance