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Cultivation under covers such as foil, foil tunnels and greenhouses requires special care and exceptional precision irrigation. Thanks to these treatments, it is possible to accelerate the harvest date, and also to obtain a richer and better-quality crop. The vegetables under cover are protected from unfavorable weather conditions, which makes the cultivation more predictable. Due to the fact that during the growing season, different plant species, at different development stages, show different water needs, it is necessary to precisely control the irrigation process. Our company offers growers who grow vegetables in greenhouses or foil tunnels computer programs that analyze the needs and control the maintenance of air and substrate humidity at the optimal level. Thanks to cooperation with Senmatic, we are able to offer the latest technological solutions, ranging from mechanical and electronic climate control, through irrigation and fertilizer mixing, to lighting with LED lamps. As one of the leading suppliers of professional irrigation systems, we offer turnkey solutions, guaranteeing compatibility and easy combination of different technologies.

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TEFEN MixRite Series 2.5


Technical informations:

  Water pressure  0,2 – 8 barów
  Flow speed  7 – 2 500 l/h
  Operating temperature  4 – 40 st. C
  Connection  3/4″ M
  Dosage  0,3 – 2%,  0,4 – 4%

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