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    Spraying radius 2.5 to 10.7 m.

    MP Rotator is a revolutionary multi-jet nozzle compatible with sprinklers of all well-known companies on the market. MP Rotator uses less water, and at the same time – thanks to the stream resistanted on winds blows – it provides more even surface hydration than a traditional nozzle. MP Rotator does not contribute to the formation of fog associated with high water pressure. A multiple jet gives greater coverage and lower doses than a single jet from a turbine sprinkler. In addition, it is more reliable at low cost than a turbine sprinkler. MP Rotator, as a single nozzle, allows simultaneous regulation of precipitation and spraying radius.

    The adjustable sprinkling surface and the adjustable radius with fitted precipitation reduce the necessity to replace the nozzles. Small doses of water allow you to design a system with fewer valves and smaller pipe cross-sections than with traditional nozzles. MP Rotator makes it easy to design system and using it the by adjusting the dose of water.

    • Multiple streams – they provide unique turf greenery and healthier plants.
    • Matching irrigation parameters – the ability to work at any angle and any spraying radius.
    • Streams with many trajectories resistanted to wind gusts – the possibility of irrigation in a slower and more even way than in the case of conventional static sprinklers (30% less water consumption and a significant reduction of leaks).
    • Patented solution “double-pop” – allows you to flush the sprinkler during startup and shutdown, which prevents its contamination.
    • Adjustment spraying radius and angle – quick and easy.
    • No diffuser screw – it does not cause the interfere of stream
    • Color marking – easy identification of all models.
    • Two parallel lines, which each includes 12 models – a line with internal threads for conventional externally threaded pistons; A line with external threads matching existing bodies with internal threads.
    • Removable inlet filter – protects the sprinkler against internal pollution.
    • Available spraying area from 1.2 m to 10.7 m radius – we offer a balanced system with high design flexibility.
    • Precipitation value for the MP800 series – 20 mm / h, the remaining 10 mm / h




    • Precisely matched rainfall at any angle or radius
    • Range can be reduced maximum by up to 25% (on all models)



    • Cooperation with the body MPR40

    HT designation indicates nozzles with an external thread



    MP Rotator and MPR40 – cooperation guaranteeing efficiency

    Thanks to our work, the revolutionary MP Rotator is an innovative development of the great idea. In order to maximize the results of the multi-jet rotary sprinkler, we have taken another step forward. We introduced on market the MPR40 rotary sprinkler body, maintaining a constant pressure of 2.75 bar (40 PSI). Detailed surveys have shown that a pressure of 2.75 bar (40 PSI) ensures the most efficient operation of the MP Rotator nozzle, and thus enables its optimal cooperation with the MPR40 body. Together, they are the perfect and most efficient solution. Additionally, greater uniformity in spraying is ensured. The colored marking of the MPR40 body nuts facilitates identification and selection to the MP Rotator sprinkler. Discover MPR40. Together with the MP Rotator nozzle they are a set with amazing performance.

    MPR40-00 – for spraying shrubs

    MPR40-00 –R – for spraying shrubs, with attachment for recovered water

    MPR40-04-CV – 10 cm (4 “),(pop-up)

    MPR40-04-CV-R – 10 cm (4 “), (pop-up), with attachment for recovered water

    MPR40-06-CV – 15 cm (6 “), (pop-up)

    MPR40-06-CV-R – 15 cm (6 “),(pop-up), with attachment for recovered water

    MPR40-12-CV – 30 cm (12 “), (pop-up)

    MPR40-12-CV-R – 30 cm (12 “),(pop-up), with attachment for recovered water

    • Total height:

    MPR40-04-CV – 15.5 cm

    MPR40-06-CV – 22.5 cm

    MPR40-12-CV – 41 cm

    • Internally threaded inlet ½ ”
    • Outer diameter of the housing: 5.7 cm
    • Working pressure range: 1.7 to 6.89 bar; from 175 to 689 kPa
    • Leaks: at a pressure of 0.7 bar (68 kPA) or bigger – 0.036 m3 / h; 0.61 l / min in other cases
    • Precipitation: approximately 10 mm per hour with the MP Rotator sprinkler installed
    • Factory fitted drain check valve with ground level differences of area up to 4.3 m; with a “Check Valve” mark for easy identification



    • Field-mounted drain check valve (part number 437400)
    • Field-mounted black rubber cap (part number 469805)
    • Field-mounted cap for easy identification of recovered water (part number PROSRCCAP)
    • Spare check valve (part number 437400)
    • Attachment for recovered water (part number 458545)


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