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Cultivation under covers such as foil, foil tunnels and greenhouses requires special care and exceptional precision irrigation. Thanks to these treatments, it is possible to accelerate the harvest date, and also to obtain a richer and better-quality crop. The vegetables under cover are protected from unfavorable weather conditions, which makes the cultivation more predictable. Due to the fact that during the growing season, different plant species, at different development stages, show different water needs, it is necessary to precisely control the irrigation process. Our company offers growers who grow vegetables in greenhouses or foil tunnels computer programs that analyze the needs and control the maintenance of air and substrate humidity at the optimal level. Thanks to cooperation with Senmatic, we are able to offer the latest technological solutions, ranging from mechanical and electronic climate control, through irrigation and fertilizer mixing, to lighting with LED lamps. As one of the leading suppliers of professional irrigation systems, we offer turnkey solutions, guaranteeing compatibility and easy combination of different technologies.

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LCC4 climate control computer


Intuitively operated Logic Climate Control (LCC) interface.

The most important features:

  • from 1 to 16 intervals
  • Decentralized I / O
  • Industrial type controller technology and modular hardware / software
  • 6 time zones with separate temperature, humidity and CO2 settings
  • Advanced control using more than one sensor in one compartment and control of future installations / extensions


During the development of LCC4, we attached great importance to obtaining a simple user interface without affecting the setting options. We worked with plant nurseries and noticed that our product was very popular due to its trouble-free service. LCC4 has a touch screen, which in combination with the ability to create your own screen images makes the climate control computer is always a safe tool. The LCC4 climate control computer can control all climate functions in the range of 1 to 16 intervals. LCC4 Touch is based on the latest technologies and advanced operating system, thanks to which it can be easily updated and expanded capacity or added more functions. The LCC4 Touch interface communicates via Ethernet with the extension installed, which provides huge flexibility for future extensions. The flexible equipment composition in the LCC4 Touch device allows you to choose the sensor that is optimal for your production, and moreover more than one sensor can be used in each room. This flexibility ensures high precision and safety.


Energy-saving climate controlling

The LCC2 Touch climate control computer can divide 24 hours into 6 time zones with optional automatic correction depending on sunset and sunrise. In addition, you can control the screen depending on sunlight, heat loss and artificial light. In this way, the screens keep warm. In case of LCC4, we have developed a new energy balance model. The model calculates energy demand based on the K factor for greenhouses and screens, air change and energy added by artificial lighting. The model “recognizes” greenhouses and energy demand, which provides better and more stable control known as “charge control”.


Joint and individual control

LCC4 can control 16 compartments, and each compartment can be divided into two subzones, depending on the function. All functions can have common setpoints. It is also possible to place local set points in sub-zones. These types of activities can be dependent or independent of common setpoints. This allows for simpler computer operation, while at the same time enabling the adaptation of conditions to different cultures. Thanks to the LCC4 Touch function, we continue the ventilation control with cascade venting control. This means that the leeward side and the windward side are opened at the same time. The windward side opens to a small crack, while the leeward side opens as wide as necessary. This control of cascade ventilation openings ensures effective ventilation in the greenhouse even at low ventilation openings.


Other models and software description in the attachments.

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