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House gardens - A beautiful garden is a showcase of home. It is a place where we relax after the hardships of everyday life. We are happy to welcome guests there and share its beauty with them. The solutions proposed by our company allow you to fully enjoy the wonderful garden. In the care of the garden, proper irrigation of plants plays a particularly important role. An automatic sprinkler system, remotely controlled taking into account weather forecasts and current weather conditions, is a combination of modernity with a reduction in water costs by up to 50%. The system is coordinated by a controller with a rainfall, sun and humidity sensor. Before installing an irrigation system, consider the needs of the garden and choose the installation that will optimally serve the plants. Drip lines will allow take care of good condition of the planting. Even lawn watering or precise spraying of flower beds is done automatically when it is needed. The automatic irrigation system practically requires no operating, because after proper programming of the controller, the system ensures proper maintenance of soil moisture. An efficient and economical automatic irrigation system is the best you can do for your garden.

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Lawn and parking grilles


STELLA GREEN grilles , also commonly called eco grates or lawn grates, are designed to strengthen and stabilize the ground while maintaining free circulation of water and saving full vegetation of plants. The road grille is an excellent alternative to paving stones, asphalt or concrete (openwork concrete slabs), where it is required to maintain a biologically active surface. Garden grilles are not only an ideal solution for developing green areas and strengthening the escarpment or other surfaces. Effectively you will use them  when filled with decorative aggregate. It is then used much less than when hardening the surface with aggregate without a stabilizing grille. Effect? An even area unmixed with mud and without bothersome ruts.

STELLA GREEN parking grilles have been tested by the German TÜV SÜD. The results confirm that they meet the requirements of DIN EN 1072: 1985, which is important when designing and building fire roads.


The product can be used in grassy areas, which are also communication surfaces (e.g. parking lots, pedestrian ways,escarpments). This solution is especially recommended on access roads to the property, ramps for privileged vehicles, camping fields, animal runs or river banks. The products can also be used as a functional garden grille, as well as in areas of occasional utilized traffic surfaces such as: caravan pitches, roads and golf grounds.

It is used, among others on:

  • parkings
  • Lawns
  • driveways
  • Open warehouses
  • District access roads
  • Golf courses
  • Recreation areas
  • Service roads
  • Bicycle and walking paths
  • Roads for vihicles of disabled people
  • In accordance with DIN EN 1072: 1985, it can be used on fire routes
  • Paddocks and paddocks for horses (flexible grille type SG 2)


  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Many application possibilities
  • Little weight
  • Weatherproof
  • Strength due to honeycomb design


* Important: the shade of green color may vary in products delivered in subsequent deliveries. This is a typical feature for recycled production, which does not affect the quality and parameters of the products in any way.