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An automatic irrigation system will play an invaluable role in creating human-friendly green areas. Maintenance-free, rational use of water (water consumption can be up to 50% lower than traditional watering) and dosing water according to the needs of plants will ensure their proper development. Our company offers irrigation products and steering elements of mark Hunter. Appropriate programming of controllers guarantees an ideal level of soil moisture. Special programmers allow you to prepare the system for the needs of specific plants in terms of the amount of water supplied, as well as the time of watering. The products available in our company's offer are intended not only for home lawns, but also for green areas at schools, in enterprises, around hotels, near public use institutions. Thanks to automatic watering, lawns are more durable and less susceptible to trampling, which also translates into their longer life time. The use of modern technologies, correct design, assembly and servicing of the irrigation system provides plants with optimal growth and development conditions for many years.

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ICC with metal housing (pedestal)


ICC (metal housing / pedestal)

  • Modular design – easy adjustment of the unit to the number of sections. The system can be expanded to 48 sections.
  • Four completely independent programs – each with separate daytime cycles and 8 start times, full flexibility for areas with complex relief, the ability to run two programs at the same time.
  • Options of independent daily schedule – various irrigation capabilities on specific days of the week, even / odd days, or with specific interruptions (up to 31 days).
  • Powder coated or stainless steel metal housings available.
  • Permanent memory – data will not be lost in the absence of power supply, no battery required.
  • Programmable pump circuit by section – the pump is used only when it is necessary; configuration of two water sources.
  • Possibility of cyclic irrigation (cycle & percolation) by section – operation time can be divided into repetitive cycles to minimize the amount of water flowing down.
  • Remote control capability – available for ROAM and ICR remote control.
  • Optional mounted on a pedestal.



ICC-800-M – 8-section controller, metal housing, max. 48 sections can be connected

ICC-800-SS – 8-section controller, stainless steel housing, max. 48 sections can be connected

ICC –PED – pedestal for the ICC-800-M controller

ICC –PED-SS – pedestal for the ICC-800-M-SS controller

ICC-800-PP – 8-section controller, plastic housing and pedestal, possibility of connecting max. 48 sections,remote control possible thanks to the factory-fitted SmartPortR connector

ICM-400 – 4-section module cooperating with any ICC controller

ICM-800 – 8-section module cooperating with any ICC controller



  • Metal housing: 40.6 cm (height) x 31.1 cm (width) x 12.1 cm (depth)
  • Metal pedestal: 76.2 cm (height) x 28.9 cm (width) x 10.2 cm (depth)
  • Plastic pedestal: 97 cm (height) x 52 cm (width) x 38 cm (depth)


Specifications and functions

  • Transformer input voltage: 120/240 V (AC), 50/60 Hz
  • Voltage and current at transformer output: 24 V (AC), 1.5 A
  • Voltage and current at the section output: 24 V (AC), 0.56 A (2 valves)
  • Maximum total output voltage and current: 24 V (AC), 1.4 A (5 valves), including the main valve circuit
  • Voltage and current at the main valve output: 24 V (AC), 0.28 A
  • Rain sensor bypass compatible with most brands using a normally closed microswitch
  • Water budget: from 10 to 150%
  • The “D” program can run in parallel with the A, B or C program for drip irrigation
  • Self-diagnosis circuit breaker – bypasses the sections where the short circuit occurred; no need to replace fuses
  • Section operating times: programs A, B and C – max. 2 hours; program D – 12 hours
  • Programmable delay between sections up to 10 hours
  • Programming the watering delay in the range of 1 to 7 days
  • UL certificate
  • 365-day calendar
  • Optional dashboard / terminal block in the pedestal
  • The Quick System Diagnostics (Hunter Quick check TM) function helps in removing problems with the electrical installation
  • The test program function enables quick system control
  • Central control compatible with Hunter’s IMMSR system
  • Compatibility with Hunter ROAM and ICR remote control systems
  • All models meet the NEMA standard for weather resistance
  • Manual launching and crossing between options with one button
  • Possibility of cyclic irrigation (cycle & percolation) by section